About Us

Business is Blooming has been brightening the Ithaca area with our unique floral designs since 2001.

We are:

  • Design conscious: We combine color, texture and form to create the look that fits your mood whether it’s chic and contemporary, classically romantic, loose and natural, or wild and whimsical.
  • Earth Friendly: We are committed to green practices, from the flowers we bring you to the ways we recycle.
  • People Focused: We are here to meet your floral needs. Our flowers will get people talking, inspiring conversations between you and your clients, among guests at events, and with your friends and loved ones.

Location and Hours

Our studio is located at 1005 N. Cayuga Street in the Fall Creek neighborhood of Ithaca, NY.

Regular business hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or by appointment. Walk-in customers are welcome. It is best to call ahead, as we may be out on deliveries or client visits.

Feel free to call us at 607-227-1522, send an email to talk@bizbloom.biz, or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

About Eva

As owner and lead designer of Business is Blooming I bring a background in fine art and my New York City experience in visual merchandising and display and exhibit design to the world of floral arranging.

My love for nature and flowers was nurtured from an early age growing up around gardens with my mother who worked as a florist and at the botanical gardens of Cornell University as a horticulturist and garden designer.

Her influence, combined with my creative tendencies and the inspiration of our surrounding landscape here in the Finger Lakes, has lead me down a path where I am able to passionately express the beauty of nature through my artistic lens.

I am proud to head a company, in my home town, that is dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature into people’s lives, and pleased to use my talents creating artful and eco-friendly fresh flower arrangements for the Ithaca community.

~ Eva Bleakley


At Business is Blooming, we embrace sustainable business practices and are committed to continually “greening” our operations. Our flowers embrace your sustainable lifestyle.

What exactly do we do?

We focus on locally and regionally grown flowers, ordering direct from the farm as much as possible. We even grow some of our own. The majority of our featured blooms and botanicals are grown within 200 miles of Ithaca. Most flowers sold by grocery stores and other florists have traveled 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

Ithaca Farmer's Market

When the snow blows, we choose Certified flowers and growers.

Veriflora is a sustainability certification program for fresh cut flowers and potted plants in North and South America.

Florverde ensures all flowers grown and harvested in Colombia meet specific social and environmental standards.

We design with the earth in mind. We rarely use floral foam, a petroleum based product that must be landfilled after use. Instead we create design armatures from curly willow, bamboo and other natural elements.

Our flowers are arranged into up-cycled, reused vases or containers made from natural or recycled materials. With our rental vase option, vases don’t pile up in your home or office and sit unused. Don’t know what to do with your extra vases? Repurpose them with us. We accept donations.

All of our clippings and old arrangements from our Fresh Flower Service are composted with the help of Cayuga Compost.

Used bouquets from events or our Fresh Flower Service that still hold their beauty are donated to the community. Are you organizing a low budget or no budget event for a good cause? Ask us about our recycled flowers.

We are a ReBusiness partner with Tompkins County Solid Waste and Recycling Center. All our clear plastic film, cardboard, mixed paper, plastic, metal and glass is recycled!

We reuse supplies, packaging and other materials in our studio such as rubber bands, copy paper, plastic bags and boxes.

We are a member of The SEEN, Ithaca’s Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network. Business is Blooming earned our Sign of Sustainability Award as a sustainable florist from Sustainable Tompkins in 2012. We continually strive to keep our business eco-friendly.